Collection and Archives

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The Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre’s collection includes over 10,000 artifacts. Our areas of collection include: exploration, railroad, coal mining, North West Mounted Police, 1988 Olympic Games, mountaineering, earth sciences, Bow Valley history, art, handicrafts, clothing, communication, government, school, household items, immigrant experience, sports, and wartime experiences. We also have an extensive archive, including letters, maps, blueprints, photographs, and other historic documents.


Cathy Nagrini Archives

The Canmore Museum archival holdings consist of valuable records generated by, or relating to, the history of the people and industry of Canmore and the immediate area. The collections include The Canmore Mines records, Town of Canmore records, and privately donated records which document the human and industry history of the region.

Strengths of the paper archival holdings include hundreds blueprints, maps, and technical drawings relating to various mine companies and mining activities, daily registries from the mines, school registries spanning the 1920’s – 1990’s, and Canmore newspapers from the early 1900’s.

The photographic collection is extensive and details mining development and activities, the development of the town, the 1988 Olympics, local landscapes, and flooding issues over decades.

Photo: Canmore Museum 1000.076.001

Offsite Storage Facility

    The Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre has purchased and retrofitted a Storage Facility to house our growing collection.