Operation Bow-Athabasca

The Geological Survey of Canada Takes on the Rockies
By Ben Gadd
With contributions by Ray Price, Roger Macqueen, and Rick Green

Operation Bow-Athabasca was an outstanding mid-1960s Geological Survey of Canada field project. Ray Price was the originator and managing director. This book was prepared by the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre to celebrate and document the Operation Bow-Athabasca museum exhibit and to act as an historical summary and exhibit catalogue.

Published in a bilingual edition (English-French) on Newleaf paper, which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

ISBN 978-0-9810275-2-4
Paperback Cover; 72 pages, full colour, includes DVD with photos, audio, maps, and video

Survival in Paradise: A Century of Coal Mining in the Bow Valley

By Walter Riva

Survival in Paradise is the story of coal mining in the Bow Valley, told by Canmore local and former engineer and mine manager, Walter Riva. It documents the rise and fall of three mining towns: Anthracite, Bankhead, and Georgetown, and ultimately describes why Canmore alone survived and transformed into the beautiful town we know today.

ISBN 978-0-9810275-0-0
Paperback cover; 140 pages, with over one hundred black and white photographs.

Canmore Miners

Coal Miner Portraits and Stories
by Lawrence Chrismas

This collection of heart-warming stories and engaging photographs provides the reader with an intimate look at life in a single-industry town. Black-and-white portraits of the hard-working people who chose to live and work in Canmore, a coal mining town situated in the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

Lawrence Chrismas, RCA, is a documentary photographer, mining historian, and geologist living in Calgary. He is the author of several books. Chrismas has been photographing and interviewing coal miners for more than 20 years.

ISBN 0-9697023-3-7
Paperback cover; 64 pages, with 55 black and white photographs.