School Programs

We’re pleased to offer a variety of hands-on, curriculum based activities that allow students to explore the unique history and geology of the Bow Valley. Each of our grade based programs are designed to compliment previous grades, ensuring that Bow Valley students have the yearly opportunity to build on their museum experiences and local knowledge. If you are visiting us from outside of the valley, we are happy to adapt our programs to provide an introduction to the Bow Valley and Canmore Museum for your students.

We also offer walking tours, specialized programs, and have a travelling Artifact Discovery Kit that is available on request. To ask questions about a program, please contact Program Director Sami Wackerle at or 403-678-2462

If you know what program you are interested in and would like to book directly, please contact

A gallery of student work created through our programs can be viewed here.

Our Programs

All Grades

Artifact Discovery Kit

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Barracks Tours

Kindergarten: Welcome to Your Museum

60 Minutes | $5 per student

This program introduces students to the Canmore Museum through a variety of interactive role-playing activities and games that encourage student to imagine the life of past people in Canmore while discovering some of the items that they have left behind. At the end, students have the option of heading down the street to the North-West Mounted Police Barracks for a brief tour of Canmore's third oldest building.

Program Details

Social Studies Curriculum Link: I Belong - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the characteristics and interests that unite members of communities and groups.


Welcome to Your Museum

Grade 1: 5 Stories of Canmore

90 Minutes | $5 per student

This programs introduces students to the Bow Valley's past through the stories and artifacts of five communities with connections to Canmore. Through a scavenger hunt in the exhibit, exploration of museum artifacts, and role-playing activities, students will explore lives of the ancient creatures, First Nations, railworkers, coal miners and athletes who have shaped Canmore. The program will conclude with the creation of a Five Stories of Canmore photo collage for students to take home.

Program Details

Social Studies Curriculum Link: Moving Forward with the Past: My Family, My History and My Community - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how changes over time have affected how their communities are today.

Grade 1

Five Stories of Canmore

Grade 2: A Day in the Old Canmore Life

120 Minutes | $5 per student | Walk around Downtown Canmore

In this program, students dress as the characters of different people who have lived in Canmore and travel around downtown in search of historical buildings that they might have used. Through interactive, role-playing activities at several buildings in downtown Canmore, students will explore the daily life of Canmore residents in the past and discover what things have changed, and what has remained the same.

Program Details

Social Studies Curriculum Link: A Community in the Past - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how a community emerged, and of how the various interactions and cooperation among peoples ensure the continued growth and vitality of the community.

Grade 2

A Day in the Canmore Life

Grade 3: Rocks and Minerals

3 Part Program | Bow Valley Schools Only | All fees generously covered by Lafarge

This three-part program begins with a 2 hour session at the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre where students are introduced to the world of rocks and minerals around them through a variety of interactive activities. For Part 2 you will be visited in your classroom for an hour where your students will learn about the cement-making process. In Part 3 your students will board the bus to the Lafarge Plant to see firsthand how a modern production facility works.

Science Curriculum Link: Topic A: Rocks and Minerals - Students will demonstrate knowledge of materials that comprise the Earth’s crust, and demonstrate skill in classifying these materials.

Grade 3

Rocks and Minerals

Grade 4: Our Land, Our People, Our Stories

3 120 Minute Parts | $7 per student

This three part program introduces the students to the role of museum designer. It begins with students designing a museum exhibit using artifacts, stories, and information to interpret one part of a past community in the Bow Valley. In Parts 2 and 3, students curate a museum exhibit telling the story of a mining town as they build their town following the same development pattern as Canmore. The program concludes with an opportunity to visit everyone's museums and share the stories of their towns.

Program Details

Social Studies Curriculum Link: The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the role of stories, history and culture in strengthening communities and contributing to identity and a sense of belonging.

The length of this program may be varied to fit your interests. Please contact for details.

Developed in 2017-2018 with support from the

Grade 4

Our Land, Our People, Our Stories

Grade 5: Naming Our Way Through History

This program will encourage students to look at the names of the places around them by having each of them play the role of a historic person instrumental in the naming of Bow Valley places. While assuming the role of an indigenous traveler, a European explorer, a railway surveyor, a Canmore miner, or a recent town planner, each student will journey through a map of the Bow Valley while filling in the names of the places and sharing the stories of the important role they played in our history. Once they’ve learned the stories of the current place names in Canmore, students will be given a map of the Bow Valley as a blank slate and encouraged to complete it with names that are meaningful to them and their personal communities

Program Details

Alberta Social Studies Curriculum Link: Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the people and the stories of Canada and their ways of life over time, and appreciate the diversity of Canada’s heritage.

Grade 5

Naming Our Way Through History

Grade 6: Mystery at the No. 2 Mine

3 Parts | $7 per student

This three-part program introduces students to life in Canmore nearly 100 years ago – a time when coal mining was hazardous and very hard work. In Part 1, students will role-play characters from the 1920s and participate in community decision making as they create new laws for ‘Townside’. In Part 2, students learn about a terrible explosion that has occurred at the No. 2 Mine that has resulted in a fatality. They are asked to examine all the evidence the police collected at the site to determine whether foul play was a factor in this tragic occurrence. Once they determine the identity of the person who should be charged with a crime, they will prepare to prove their case in Court using the Trial Book we will provide. In Part 3, every student will play a role in Court. The lawyers and judge will gown in barristers’ robes, the Court staff will robe, the witnesses will costume as the characters involved in the case, and their jury will decide the fate of the accused at their trial which will take place at the historic NWMP Barracks.

Program Details

Social Studies Curriculum Link: Citizens Participating in Decision Making - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic relationship between governments and citizens as they engage in the democratic process.

Science Curriculum Link: Evidence and Investigation - Students will apply observation and inference skills to recognize and interpret patterns and to distinguish a specific pattern from a group of similar patterns.

Developed in 2017-2018 with support from the

Grade 6

Mystery at the No. 2 Mine

Grade 7: Science Odyssey (Annual Event)

Join us for a 2 hour session in May to explore the world of Geoscience in the Biow Valley while journeying between the Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre, and the Canmore Museum, and learning from event partners like Canmore Caves, Parks Canada, Earth Science for Society, and more.

This year's event will take place on May 10, 2019! If you are interested in participating, please email

Grade 7

Science Odyssey

Kindergarten to Grade 3 - Barracks Tours

This program introduces students to the North-West Mounted Police Barracks as a building in their community. Through a short tour and a scavenger hunt students will learn about life in as an officer stationed at the Barracks in the early 1900s, before creating popsicle stick mountie puppets and recreating some of the adventures and mishaps that have happened to Mounties previously stationed at the Barracks.

Program Outline

Alberta Social Studies Curriculum Link: varies, pending on Grade. Please inquire for more information.