Volunteer with Us

The Canmore Museum is looking for local history and geoscience enthusiasts to join our family of dedicated volunteers. Meet people from around the world, be an ambassador for our community, and engage locals and visitors in our unique mountain history.

If interested, please contact Jason Gariepy at: director@cmags.org or 403-678-2462

We are currently looking for volunteers for

  • Gift Shop / Front Desk

    Sell admission tickets to the museum, gift shop merchandise, and meet visitors from around the world.

  • NWMP Barracks

    Be an ambassador for Canmore’s history, sharing stories of the Great March West and the North West Mounted Police.

  • Roving Scientists

    Spend your summer afternoons hiking up to Grassi Lakes or hanging out at Riverside Park, pointing out interesting geological features to hikers and visitors.

  • Special Events

    Help out at Miners’ Day celebrations, Rock n’ Fossil Clinic, Earth Science for Society, and other heritage and geoscience outreach events.