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Interested in local history? Curious to explore new and old books alike? Wanting to dive into social, political and environmental topics of the past and present? Looking for a chance to have dynamic conversations with like-minded locals? Then The Stories of Canmore Book Club is for you!

For national indigenous history month, the Stories of Canmore Book Club will spend June exploring the book These Mountains are our Sacred Places: The Story of the Stoney People. This learning series will include four workshops led by the Reverend John Snow Jr and other members of the Snow family. John is descended from the Treaty 7signatory Chief Jacob Goodstoney of the Stoney Nations. John teaches, lectures and advises colleges, universities and museums. He holds an M.A. in Political Science in Public Policy, Law and Administration from the University of Calgary. John has served as Governor at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and is now Governor Emeritus.

Book Overview
First published in 1977 to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of the signing of historical Treaty Seven by the First Nations of southern Alberta and the Canadian government, These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places has become a classic of Western Canadian literature.
These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places is a result of extensive research. After consulting archival records and the Stoney oral tradition, Chief John Snow describes with clarity, depth, and understanding the Native perspective on life since the birth of Treaty Seven in 1877.
With compassion and detail, Snow describes the stable state of First Nations prior to contact with Europeans and the destruction wrought by the whisky traders. He records the period of treaty-signing and the failure on the government’s part to hold to treaty agreements. And most importantly, Snow explains his people’s feeling of dispossession that continues to threaten the very survival of Stoney beliefs, values, and lifestyle.

This Event
Stoney Oral History & Book Overview | Thursday June 3rd | 4-5:30pm
Teacher: John Snow
A discussion of the entirety of the Book beginning with the Oral Tradition of the Stoney. The chapter of Treaty is critical to the history of the Book as an Indigenous perspective is rarely considered in literature, historical and biographical circumstances. The final part of the book is an analysis of Healing from an Ecumenical perspective and a vision of wellness that is sought by Indigenous people on Turtle Island today.

Upcoming Events in the Series

Treaties & Residential School| Thursday June 10th | 4-5:30pm
Teacher: The Reverend John Snow Jr.
A discussion of the Treaties and Residential School experience provides Indigenous insight on the very abusive policies that reverberate to this day. A main reason for the Apologies of the various Churches and the Canadian Government to Indigenous people.

Healing at the Ecumenical Conference | Friday June 18th| 4-5:30pm
Teacher: Tony Snow, Indigenous Lead, Chinook Winds Region
The review of healing at the Ecumenical Conference held in Morley. A site of rejuvenation and reconciliation that provided for a National Day of Prayer. This historic call and event have now been transformed into the National Indigenous Day activities that include Prayer, Tradition, Culture, and several other observances from an Indigenous perspective.

Indigenous Place Names | Thursday June 24th | 4-5:30pm
Teacher: Bill (William) Snow, Interim Director, Consultation, Stoney Nakoda Nation
The reconciliation act of renaming places in the Indigenous name and perspective is a recent phenomenon that is gaining notice and traction since many prohibitive and regressive legislative barriers have been removed and a new understanding of Indigenous history and interpretation is rising in Western society.

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