Before the business that December is sure to bring, take some time this November to learn and reflect. November hosts both Remembrance Day and Canada History Week, and I have compiled my picks this month with these events in mind.

Recipes for Victory: Great War Food from the Front and Kitchens Back Home in Canada
This Remembrance Day, reflect on Canada’s military service with a meal that would have been served during the Great War. With this book, enjoy a delicious combination of history and recipes.

The Frontier Of Patriotism: Alberta and the First World War
Remembrance Day is a time for learning and reflection and this book will help you fully understand every element of life in Alberta during the First World War.

World War Women Mug
This beautiful mug commemorates the role women played in both World Wars and it is the perfect way to enjoy a hot beverage while reflecting on the work and sacrifices of Canada’s military personnel.

Spirits of the Rockies: Reasserting an Indigenous Presence in Banff National Park
November 22nd to 28th is Canada History Week and this year’s theme is Indigenous history. I recommend expanding your knowledge of the Stoney Nakoda people’s relationship with Banff National Park and how they were denied access to their ancestral lands except during Banff Indian Days. This book uses oral testimony from Stoney Nakoda people to fully understand and bring to life archival and visual data.

The Bears Mug
This fun mug combines two of my favorite things, classic rock and bears, parodying the Beatles. This fall, bears have been very active in town – I even caught one eating crab apples from my neighbor’s tree not long ago. As a result, bears are on the top of my mind, as I am sure they are on many of yours.

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