Popular Day Hikes: Kananaskis Country

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Alberta’s favourite destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Kananaskis Country is located on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, just a short drive west of Calgary. The areas of Canmore, Bow Valley, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Highwood, Elbow, Kananaskis Valley, Smith-Dorrien, Sheep and Jumpingpound all offer a wide range of choices for those day trippers looking for unique and irresistible views throughout this world-renowned mountain range. From easy, short day walks to ridgewalks – with a pitch or two of easy scrambling – there is something in this volume for everyone. Some of the trips included are:

Ha Ling Peak
Barrier Lake Lookout
Ribbon Falls
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Ptarmigan Cirque
Burstall Pass
Picklejar Lakes
Mount Burke
Volcano Ridge Loop
Nihahi Ridge