In Mid March of 2002, the full impact Socially and Economically of the Covid-19 global event was unavoidable for our Community and also very directly for The Canmore Museum and Geo-Science Center.
Very much like all independent non-profit and member-based organisations, the negative economic impacts have been astonishing to say the least, as all aspects of normal operation ceased.

The loss of revenue streams from admissions and donations to our Museum and Gift Shop as well as the cancellation of numerous other planned fund raising initiatives and events is best described as cataclysmic.

We recognise of course that the severity of the Covid-19 Pandemic has been disastrous for individuals and families globally, our sympathy and best wishes go out to all. As disastrous an event as this is and has been for many, it is nevertheless a Historic event and here at The Canmore Museum we have engaged “you”, our community to share your experiences with us to document and record for future generations to understand just what the human impact and cost of Covid-19 was to us here.

Throughout the closure our small team has been working to refresh exhibits, create new programs and programming and overhauling the Museum Store. We are very excited about a reopening date of July 13th for the Museum as well as being able to reopen the North West Mountain Police Barracks to all on July 1st, Canada Day. A fitting date for this re-opening.

We ask you now for your support and invite you to visit our Membership page.

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It is through the support of our donors and members that we will continue to preserve the unique history of Canmore’s early history, while assuring that our community continues to benefit from accurate documentation of current history as it is made. Assuring the continued relevance of the Canmore Museum and Geo Science Center is a challenge that is embraced fully as we develop more programs oriented to educating through entertainment.

Join us today as we Preserve Canmore’s past, Record life as we know it and Pave a path into the future for our generations yet to come.

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