Welcome to the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre!

Since 1984, we’ve been welcoming residents and visitors from around the world to our unique small town museum. Our current exhibit, From Coal to Community, presents Canmore in a variety of perspectives: as an ancient way station for Indigenous cultures, as an integral part of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Western expansion, as a 95-year historic coal-mining community, as an excellent venue to study and observe the geological history of the Earth, and as a modern and vibrant community that attracts artists and athletes from all over the world.

Our collection includes over 10 000 artifacts that help us share the stories of our mountains and our communities. Our school and community programs allow us to annually work with nearly two thousand students and families in our community. We host a number of annual events, including our Miners Day Parade, Rock and Fossil Open House, and Historic Bake-Off at the Barracks. Every summer, we welcome visitors and locals to look for our Roving Scientist interpreters on local trails and to check out one of our local museum-approved adventures. We also offer a self-guided walking tour of downtown Canmore’s historic sites available for pickup at the museum.

The Canmore Museum is located in the heart of downtown, just inside the Canmore Civic Centre, with plenty of free parking all around us. We also manage one of Canmore’s oldest buildings, North West Mounted Police Barracks (1893) located at 609 Main Street. When you are visiting Canmore, we hope you will take a few minutes to experience both the NWMP Barracks and the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre!

Hope to see you soon.

Find us inside the Canmore Civic Centre.

We commemorate the closing of the last Canmore Mine on July 13, 1979 with our annual Miners Day Parade.