The Canmore Museum’s education programs feed inquiry, ignite new ideas and foster wonder as we connect curriculum concepts taught in the classroom with learning that comes from engaging with Indigenous and community knowledge keepers, museum collections, and the local places and spaces around us.

Every object tells a story. Through the Museum@School program, history and community comes to life as students discover the meaning, significance, and personal stories associated with objects from the museum’s collection.

The Museum@School partnership offers teachers in Grades 3 to 7 an opportunity to engage with the museum to provide a variety of hands-on, multi-sensory learning opportunities in the classroom, in the community, and in the museum. Student learning is enhanced by meeting curriculum expectations through thoughtful connections to the real world.

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You can enrich your student’s in-class education with an unforgettable experience at the Canmore Museum or the Canmore NWMP Barracks. Our interactive interpreter-led programs will appeal to the varied interests and learning styles of your students.

We are looking foward to welcoming students back this spring for our field trip experiences.  These 60 to 90 minute hands-on programs offer students an opportunity to connect objects with stories about Canmore’s history, Indigenous culture and traditions, and the landscapes and are led by museum education staff with a specialized background in museum education.

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Perfect for youth organizations and groups, our outreach activity kits provide opportunities to explore Canmore’s heritage and geology.

Whether for a badge program or as part of your day-camp programming, our outreach activity kits comes with the resources needed to lead self-directed programming.  Current kits include Dinosaur Dig, Mountie Recruits, and a Museum Scavenger Hunt.  Activity kits include a guide with suggestions for how each kit can be adjusted by age group and learning requirements.

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We would love to hear from you if you have questions about our current education programming. We are open to modifying our programs to suit individual teacher and classroom needs. Let us know how we can work with you to enhance student learning in the classroom or in youth group setting.

Our education program team is led by Kevin Meisner who comes to the Canmore Museum following his years of experience leading education programming at the Britannia Mine Museum near Vancouver, BC. Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge in interpretation, education program development, and exhibition research and design to the Canmore Museum. During his time with the Britannia Mining Museum (2007 to 2021), he progressively grew in his responsibilities as an Interpreter before branching out into interpretive training, interpretive planning, education program development and delivery, and exhibit development. Kevin was part of the development team of several award-winning exhibitions and programs.

Kevin Meisner, Programs Officer | 403.917.1757