Every season, the Canmore Museum invites local artists and creators to showcase and sell their work in the Museum Shop. As the weather starts to grow chillier, the Museum is welcoming a new group of Artist’s products. This fall the Museum has new knitwear, jewelry, wood carvings, and glassware. Below is an introduction to some fo the work and artists we are showcasing this season.


“Growing up on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, my winters were spent observing the gentle stillness of snow on trees as they creaked in the wind, and chasing adrenaline down mountainsides with skis strapped to my feet. My summers were spent with long winding roads ahead, the winds whispering promises of freedom and adventure; all the while with a canoe strapped to the top of our van. That canoe has been the vessel and home of many adventures.

It has carried me through lake chains and rivers for weeks on end, has been the point from which I viewed expansive wilderness, and has been my painting desk on countless shorelines. With a sketchbook in hand, I carry-on my adventures, paying attention to the smallest of details surrounding me; capturing the essence and wonder of the natural world. Through careful observation I capture the world around me in detail with watercolour or acrylic paint; creating natural history illustrations with heart, and harmonious landscapes that celebrate a life lived outdoors. Striving to tell a deeper story of the place my feet are set upon, I hope to explore the interconnectivity of our world, urging others to connect with and protect our wild places.

The Canmore Paddle series explores our Bow Valley home. On my walks through our forests and mountains I look for treasures at my feet; hints of the stories unraveling around us. From land and water, to flora and fauna, these paddles are all painted from natural treasures found within our home. The pebbles from our Bow River, the Indian Paintbrush, and Ruffed Grouse feather tell a story of resilience and grace of our Bow Valley home that bursts with life.”

Website: libbyamber.com
Instagram: @libbyamber


Tiffany Teske, calls the beautiful Three Sisters Mountain Village, among the magnificent Canadian Rocky mountains, her home. She is constantly inspired by their beauty and the fresh air and wide open spaces in her backyard. A visual artist and jewelry designer, with two degrees in photography, Tiffany creates from her home studio. She juggles a life of creativity and motherhood, always looking for ways to teach her four children to use both their rational minds and their imaginations. She shares this responsibility with her husband, Dean Anthony, also an artist, who was born and raised in Calgary.

Tiffany enjoys creating sparkly, colourful, and often over the top jewelry and accessories to adorn herself and her clients. Her jewelry can be found at markets, online, and in over 35 retail and consignment shops. She currently has three distinct lines. Wonderland, seen here, is a stainless steel wholesale and retail necklace, bracelet, anklet, and stud earring line, featuring clean minimal design. This hypoallergenic collection showcases nature, including animals, mountains, trees, moon and stars, feathers, and more.


“As a Canmore native, I have always loved and valued time spent in the great outdoors. Winter has always been my favourite season, and growing up in the mountains meant being able to wear toques almost all year. Having always been creative, I learnt to knit so I could make my own toques, to grow my very large collection!

At Mountain Made Knits, you’ll find cozy, and modern hand knit accessories. Toques, mittens and scarves in styles and sizes for the whole family to keep you warm on your mountain adventures!”

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