Right in time for the hot weather, this image shows Hap Clarke and his sister Phyllis, in the words of their brother John “braving the cold water” in the “creek [out] back of [the] house.” The creek is Policeman’s Creek, and the house, of course, is the historic NWMP Barracks. The Clarke family moved into the Barracks in 1918, with five children. Corporal Clarke’s wife, Dora, managed family life at the barracks, but was also responsible for the meals of the prisoners. With five children and a father on the force, it was impossible not for the Clarke family to become a strong part of the community, and Corporal Clarke was always on call.

The Clarke children had a typical rural childhood and spent a lot of time outside. Hap was into hockey and baseball and Phyllis was a speed skater. Looking at this photo of them messing around in the water on a hot day, it seems that for the dog days of summer, the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you want to learn more about Hap, Phyllis, and their family, please visit the NWMP Barracks. While you’re there, you might try dabbling your feet in the nearby creek.

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