This postcard shows a view of the engine bridge across the Bow River. Taken by Daisy Carroll in 1915, this image shows many of the original buildings of “Mine Side,” which was the locals’ name for the part of the Canmore townsite on the south bank of the river. For many old-timers, this name is still in use today.

This side had the original mine shafts, the Canmore Mines offices, the company store, the Canmore Opera House, and the Mine Directors’ Cabin, which can be seen to the left of the engine bridge right along the bank of the river.

Daisy was Canmore’s first postmistress and a prolific photographer. She was an adventurous member of the early town and left behind a rich photographic record of its early days. Many of her images were made into postcards, all with her characteristic white capital-lettered captions along the bottom. Daisy’s images are in museum collections across Alberta.

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